Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SF Limo Driver Hustling Sreet Fares Caught On Video!

In this video, a limousine driver is seen soliciting fares off of the street in San Francisco.  

This is illegal in California.  The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency website regarding "other motor vehicles for hire" says this...

"Beware of Illegal limousines

Limousine companies make reservations with their customers.  They are not allowed to pick people up on the street.  And some limousines are not even licensed by the City or the State of California; they just pick people up wherever they can.
Limousine rides are legally required to be prearranged with the customer, usually by phone or in writing.

Look for a charter-party carrier (TCP) permit number on the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle.

Ask for driver’s business card and receipt before departing.

Limousine drivers are forbidden from soliciting customers on the street; they may only pick up customers with reservations".  (SFMTA website)

This video was taken on a cell phone by Peter Witt, a SF taxi driver for 24 years.  It clearly shows the driver hustling for $5 per person. 

According to Witt, the video was shot on July 6th, at Fisherman Wharf's North Point and Hyde St. intersection.  The line of people are the overflow from the cable car turnaround at Beach and Hyde St.

The limo's TCP and vehicle license plate numbers are on the video.