Thursday, May 3, 2012

KTVU Reports, "High-tech Car Service At Odds With SF Cab Companies, Regulators."

Uber car service app
A new car service business called Uber is aiming to compete with SF cab companies by providing a fashionable way to get around the city, but questions about its legality have a powerful state agency investigating the glossy startup.
Uber -- which means "about" or "above" in German – is a technology startup that connects customers to professional town car and limo drivers via a smartphone app, SMS text messages and the internet.         
Eric Flynn is a San Francisco native who works as an advertising copywriter. He is just the kind of person the upstart company Uber aims its marketing towards.
"I was exposed to it through an industry party, an advertising party, said Flynn. Uber was one of the sponsors."
Uber claims on its website that it wants to make on-demand car service accessible to anyone at a lower than usual cost and advertises itself as "your on-demand private driver."
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