Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are You Paying Any Attention To The Trend Affecting The Taxi Industry? By Saam Aryan.

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It reminds me of the state of the mind of those living in thriving and prosperous towns; now Ghost Towns.  Obviously many think that the overhead imposed by SFMTA is good for us because some are benefiting presently.  Get your own answer so you can convince yourself.  Ask your taxi passengers how often they use UBER CAB.  Keep a record of the answers and compare it every few months.  Presently, UBER town cars pickup their customers in around 8 minutes.  Pretty soon they will have the ability to do it in around 5 minute.  


With the accelerating growth rate that they have and with the installation of new charging equipment in their vehicle they will be able to that.  Thanks to SFMTA and lack of proper attention by taxi companies, taxi drivers are thinking more and more to jump the ship.  SFMTA's own report shows some of the jumpers that have been cited for operating as taxi cabs.  Operating a town car has low overhead and they are not under high scrutiny by SFMTA.  They can buy a car around 5K, pay insurance around $2,500 and some minimal regulatory fee.  That’s is it.  How much your medallion or cab company worth a few years from now?  Are you prepared?
As of 3/29/2012, Drivers have sent $3,177 to
CHC, PO BOX 426742, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94142. 
This is not enough.  Please see Saam Aryan (Yellow 9037) to get your money back.
Board of Supervisors
Tuesday, April 3, City Hall, Room 250
Meeting starts at 2 p.m. 
The MTA Declares WAR On Cab Drivers!  MTA staff has proposed:
 Ø Leasing 500+ medallions to cab companies. Instead of going to drivers, re-issued and newly issued medallions would go to certain favored companies.
   Ø Collecting $12-15 million-plus in taxi lease revenues every year, to be spent as they please.  This is on top of their revenues from medallion sales.
   Ø Cutting off the waiting list at #1100.
   Ø Prohibiting affiliate (color scheme) leases.
   Ø . . . And who knows what they’ll come up with next!
We Must Fight Back! It will require a change in the City Charter to stop the MTA from picking our pocketsand robbing us of our futures.  EVERYONE must show up at the Board of Supervisors and urge them to approve a ballot measure for the November election.
 Board of Supervisors
Tuesday, April 3, City Hall, Room 250
Meeting starts at 2 p.m. 
Speak during Public Comment.  Tell the Board:  
Ø ALL medallions must go to cab drivers — not to cab companies.
Ø ALL taxi revenues must be used for taxi purposes — we will not be cash cows for the MTA!
This is our moment.  For ourselves, our fellow drivers, our families, our futures, our human dignity and our self-respect: The MTA must be stopped!


  1. Saam,

    Uber is certainly doing some damage but projections for their future is absurd. Uber gives fast service for several reasons:

    1. because of he cost, a limited number of people use the service.
    2. The electronic stuff is good but no better than Cabulous.
    3. The city is already flooded with limos who have little business and work through Uber.
    3a. Thus they have far more limos available than there are orders.

    To repeat - your projects of 1 minute are absurd. In order to do that they'd have to park a limo on every corner.

    Uber and the others are problems but I don't see how getting hysterical about it will improve the situation.

    Ed Healy

    1. Ed where did you see one of.my solution to be "Panic/hysteria"? I just brought a worst case scenario; because, as I have said before "Hope for the best but be ready for the worst". Where I came from, I have seen the cost of inaction/late action. Personally, if everything is taken from me, I still would have more then what I can use. I am a "Darvish".

      Saam Aryan

    2. To prevent misunderstanding, I should say that you are correct in your analysis. By the way, because I am an agnostic Darvish, do not ask me to dance or chant; because that is not what I do.

      Saam Aryan

  2. If we did'nt have guys sitting at the airport all day and ignoring the city, we would'nt have these problems.

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