Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge Set To Lay Off It's Toll Takers This Year, And Go With Automated, Cashless System.

Photo by John Han.
Human taxi drivers being replaced by automatically driven cars mays be a ways off still.  But technology moves so fast these days, things could come quicker than we anticipate.  So don't rule anything out.   

As for today, the Golden Gate Bridge District is expected to lay off ALL of its human toll takers as early as December of this year, and go with an automated, cashless system. 

CLICK HERE to read about it. 

By the way, Google is said to be releasing internet eyeglasses this year called "Head Up Display" (HUD).  Glasses what can feed you information like internet, photos, videos, etc., while you view the real world, without carrying a separate i-pad of smart phone.  Just shows how fast technology is moving. 

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  1. Thanks for the link to SFBay, John! SFBay is San Francisco-owned and operated, by an active A-card holder no less! Cheers -- Jesse


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