Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taxicab That Collided With Muni Bus May Be Unlicensed And Illegal. By John Han.

File photo by John Han.
In case you haven't read about it yet, a taxicab collided with a Muni bus this morning at about 10 am outside of the Hall of Justice.  That's according to reporter Dan McManamin of the Bay City News wire.

Accidents happen, but this taxicab may have been ILLEGAL.  CLICK HERE to read the story published on SF Appeal.  Then be sure to look at the photo in the SF Appeal showing the rear of the taxi.  On the rear, it reads, "Taxicab", but doesn't display what city or county it's from.  

In San Francisco, we in the taxi industry know that all taxicabs must say, "San Francisco Taxicab".  Also, Oakland cabs say "City of Oakland", Marin County cabs and South SF cabs also display their proper cities and counties.  This cab does not.  

Now, CLICK HERE to see the photo published in SFist.  Notice the phone number doesn't have an area code.  Could be a bogus phone number?   

Is this an illegal cab?  I'd like to know.


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