Monday, October 31, 2011

Tragic Collision Between Taxi And Bicycle. Bicyclist With Life Threatening Head Injuries. By John Han.

A heartrending collision occurred between a taxicab driver and a bicyclist, leaving the bicyclist in critical condition, with head injuries considered to be life threatening.

According to SF Gate, the bicyclist was crossing Cesar Chavez and Guerrero streets just before 2am Sunday.  A "Yellow Town Taxi", (most likely meaning Town Taxi), heading east on Cesar Chavez, ran a red light and struck the bicyclist, leaving the bicyclist lying in the intersection head down, bleeding profusely from the mouth, and in critical condition .  CLICK HERE to read the Chronicle's coverage.

An article published in the SF Examiner says the driver stopped at the scene and cooperated with the police.  According to that article, the driver was cited but not arrested.  The vehicle was towed and is being held for investigation.  To read it in the SF Examiner  CLICK HERE.

If that weren't staggering enough, ABC Local is reporting that on Thursday, a taxi ran a stop sign at the intersection of Pacific and Jones.  The taxi is being blamed for clipping another car, and causing that car to crash into a store, resulting in over $20,000 worth of damages for the store's owner.

No one was reported to be injured in that crash.  But the store's owner told ABC Local that the damages are devastating, and that it could be anywhere from a month to six months before the business may open again.

A nearby surveillance video caught the taxi running the stop sign.  The ABC Local story may be viewed HERE.


  1. Hello Miss Hayashi, as I know you read this blog could you please do something about the quality courtesy and professionalism of the drivers that are out there driving these days, they seem to be lacking the one thing that is needed to drive a cab which is "COMMON SENSE" the other day I saw a driver smoking behind the wheel while an elderly woman struggled to get hes luggage from the trunk, the service out there has become appauling to say the least. Drivers dont stop at stop signs everybody should look at that clip of the yellow goin trough the stop sign Yellow are gonna have to pay out on that one, all because of an untrained driver. Something must be done about the quality out there. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous,

    Agreed. Don't know exactly what should be done at this exact moment. But eventually, good ideas will emerge.

  3. The 3rd eye camera shows clearly that the cab had the green light. That was confirmed by Town Taxi today.
    Gee I guess the camera might have saved the cab driver a ton of grief eh?


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