Friday, October 7, 2011

SFMTA Seeks To Assist Cab Drivers In Reporting Illegal Taxis. By John Han.

A notice was put out by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to help properly licensed San Francisco cab drivers report illegal taxis. 

SFMTA taxi investigator Eric Richholt says the number one most important piece of information to get on an illegal taxi is the license plate number, and then in this order of importance...

  1. Any phone number on the vehicle
  2. Any name or identifying number on the vehicle, (such as Blue Sky Cab #47)
  3. Description of driver. 

The SFMTA says photos can also be emailed with the information as well, but urges cab drivers to refrain from doing anything reckless while driving to capture the information. 

"Please don't put yourself or your passengers in danger trying to chase down bandit cabs." (SFMTA)

The SFMTA has said in the past that removing illegal taxis from San Francisco's streets could justify the issuing of new, legitimate medallions.  

Information may be emailed to Eric Richholt at

(PS:  Kudos to the SFMTA for referring to illegal taxis as "bandit" cabs instead of gypsy cabs.  While cab drivers and newspapers may take liberties to say "gypsy" cabs, SFMTA is a government agency, and has implemented a proper choice of words.)


  1. Can we also report Town Cars w/TCP# soliciting customers at the same email address?

  2. "Can we also report Town Cars w/TCP# soliciting customers at the same email address?"


  3. This is really good idea, should be done long time ago and Town cars as well.
    Thank you

  4. After a fare dispute with a cabbie because of my partners ada paratransit card, I was dragged down the street in San Francisco by what turned out to an illegal taxi. The police came and would not write a report unless I wanted to go to jail.(lesson #47, never try to make a citizens arrest in s.f.).
    I later tried to get the cabbies info from the sfpd to report him myself, I was stonewalled.
    it was a Yellow Cab and I have a picure of the license plate.
    I am starting to think that the only people that have a negative oppiinion of pirate cabs are the 'real' cabbies and the people that actually pay the high fees to run a legitimate company.
    I am sending an email to 1johnhan in case he is interested in getting rid of this creep.

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