Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy SF.

SF taxi driver Brad Newsham at Wednesday's "Occupy SF" march.  The sign says
'Cab Driver, $35,000/year'.   
(Photos by John Han)

Okay so this isn't directly taxi related.  But as a cab driver I could relate.  One would never get rich being a cab driver.  At the same time, we live in a city with lots of millionaires and billionaires.  I also think I've had every kind of person in my cab that either participated in the march, or watched it (either with approval or disapproval).  

Thought I'd post pictures and and comments on Wednesday's "Occupy SF" march.  The Huffington Post has coverage of it.  

I would think other cab drivers could relate.  BTW, this was a very peaceful protest.
Protesters prepare signs before the march.
Organizers plan the march's route with SFPD.
Protesters pitched tents to camp out on Market St. in front of the Federal Reserve
Building at 101 Market St. 
Inside a tent.

Tents pitched in front of the 101 Market St. 

Protesters grab some donated food before the march. 
Marching on Market St. 


Person in car gives thumbs up.

Protester flashes a sign at a business keeper on Ellis St. in the Tenderloin. 

Taking a break from running a business in the Tenderloin to watch protesters march by. 
A break from the store to take photos of protesters.
Store owners?

Woman leans against a car as protesters go by on Ellis St.

Homeless man watches as protesters march by in the Tenderloin. 
Women watches protesters go by on Ellis St.
Union Square shopper watches as protesters make their way up Powell St. 
Protesters are escorted by SFPD up Powell St. 
Cable car tracks.

Tourists watch.
Making their way down California St. 

In front of the Bank Of America Building at 555 California St. 

Boy waves to protesters.

Guarding the main entrance to the Federal Reserve. 
Puppy belonging to protesters. 


  1. I dont understand Brad Newsomes point, he makes 25 000 dollors a year from his monthly cheques, so whats he saying he only makes 10 thousand dollors from actually working,thats a great thing to be able to take that much time of, So whats he complaining about im a bit confused, Im a full time cab driver and Im lucky if I make 17 thousand dollors a year, can somebody enlighten me please.

  2. I'll take a guess at it. Not to speak for Brad, but my guess is that he's not necessarily referring to his personal income, but what the average median income is perceived to be by the average SF cab driver.

  3. Well then thats a very bad perception on his part, he should have made that sign 20,000 dollars, which is a lot more realistic, all things considered. Im just a Joe Soap cab driver barely making ends meet and its so annoying to hear these so called owners complaining when they dont know how well they have it. I know they like to claim that they paid there dues, all they did is put there name on a list.


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