Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where Do We Go From Here? Important Announcement From SFMTA Regarding Future Of Medallion Sales. Agency Seeks Input From Taxi Industry.

(From the SFMTA)  The Taxi Advisory Council will be considering proposals for the next phase of the taxi medallion sales pilot program.  Now that the Pilot Plan is winding down, how should medallions be distributed going forward? 

If you have an idea about the future of medallion distribution you are invited to submit it to the Taxi Advisory Council for consideration.  ALL PROPOSALS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN 5:00pm on OCTOBER 19.

Please submit your written proposal to Joselyn.Caceres@sfmta.com, or you may hand-deliver or mail your written proposal to:

Attention Joselyn Caceres
SFMTA Taxi Services
One South Van Ness 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

All alternative programs should clearly outline the following:

a.    Summary of the proposed industry business model
b.    Negative and positive impacts on:
                                          i.    Drivers
                                        ii.    Permit holders
                                       iii.    Cab companies
                                       iv.    SFMTA
                                        v.    Overall service to the public
c.    Transition plan from how we currently operate to the intended model

Each presenter will be given 10 minutes to present their proposal at an upcoming Taxi Advisory Council meeting.

Public comment will be allowed after presentations have been made.

Q&A session for the council will follow public comment.


  1. I really don't think any cab drivers read this blog so I don't see much point in even having it, most cab drivers including myself are computer illiterate.That's not to sell any of my wonderful comrades nor myself short I just don't think we're bothered.

  2. My recommendation is that they should stop selling medallions and got back to the egalitarian list. Honor the people on the waiting list.


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