Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SF Board Of Supervisors Fails To Pass Resolution Against 5% Credit Card Fees Passed To Taxi Drivers. By John Han.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted on a resolution Tuesday to urge the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) to "reconsider and abandon" its decision to shift the burden of credit card fee costs to taxi drivers.  But the resolution failed because it need 8 votes to pass and was one short in a 7-4 vote.

The 'yes' votes were - David Campos, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Eric Mar, Ross Mirkarimi, John Avalos, and David Chiu.

The 'no' votes were - Carmen Chu, Mark Farrell, Sean Elsbernd, and Scott Weiner.

The resolution was introduced by David Campos and co-sponsored by Supervisors John Avalos and Ross Mirkarimi.

Had the resolution passed, it would have been non-binding but would have sent a message to the MTA that the Board of Supervisors does not support credit card charges passed to taxi drivers.

Carmen Chu said that she was against the resolution because the MTA has already approved an increase in distance and wait time meter rate, and is expected to consider a $.40 increase in the flag drop at its upcoming August 2nd meeting, and that this should offset credit card costs against drivers.

Campos said that although the resolution failed by one vote, there was nontheless a majority vote amongst the Supervisors to urge the MTA to abandon its decision to pass credit card fees to taxi drivers.


  1. She is so correct. She is right on the money $$$$$!!

    MTA had it in its agenda to make us pay for all this before we got our well deserved raise which is due since at least 7 years.

    She is a genius!

  2. "she is a genius" but not a attorney.

    Me thinks the SFMTA has a major conflict of interest by conspiring with cab

    Company officials to violate state laws.

    Johnny Walker

  3. It appears as though not all of the board of supervisors did their homework on this one.

    Just because there is an increase Carmen, it is not enough to cover the all the costs that a driver has taken on, such as gas prices have increased, fees have increased, and now the credit card fees.

    Do the math, the taxi drivers are still behind, even after the fare increase. lets see a vote for the board of supervisors to take a pay cut as well. Other cities have done it, why cant San Francisco lead the pack with this initiative of lowering the supervisors salary at the same percentage loss as the taxi Drivers.

    I guess it might be different than? What do you think Carmen Chu, Mark Farrell, Sean Elsbernd, and Scott Weiner

  4. Nice post John,

    Carmen Chu might be unpopular with the drivers but the fact is that cab drivers aren't going to get both a meter increase (without a gate increase) and relief on the credit card fees. Not in the real world.

    If the companies can't pass the fees on to the drivers, they'll use that as an argument for a gate increase - and they'll win.

    If we can stop a gate increase we will be much better off than if we had paid no credit card fees and had a raise in gates.

    It's an either or situation. Although we could lose on both.

    I think the credit card fees are done deal so we should concentrate on stopping a gate increase.

    Ed Heay

  5. Healy,

    What do you think about the SFMTA taking away all non purchased medallions

    Including yours, while drivers unionize and receive wages and benefits comp

    Areable to muni operators?

    Johnny Walker

  6. Chris ChristopherJuly 27, 2011 at 4:01 PM

    Has anybody noticed the amount of pedicabs around the wharf these days, I left the garage the other day and driving down 3RD street I saw about 20 of them heading towards the wharf they were like big yellow ants. Whats the story with them, there cutting in to our business too, can we put a cap on those things ?

  7. Hey Johnny:
    I voted to unionize at Yellow 33 years ago and I'm still waiting.
    None of your dreams are going to come true including seeing me kicking a can down the road with Lazar lamenting our bankrupt companies.
    Grow up and use your name. All you have to lose is face.

  8. Hey hybels,

    Don't hold your breath, your opinions mean nothing to the drivers, because

    You are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

    The city needs drivers to be in those cabs, not medallion owners or cab

    Company owners, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Johnny Walker

  9. And Hybels, one more thing,

    Don't forget to pow wow with Healy on future responses, I wouldn't like to see

    You to think for yourself, why that would be dangerous...........................

    Johnny Walker

  10. Carmen Chu says we are getting fare increase and so we should pay more fees on different stuff. Does she not know that Cab drivers have not got a fare increase in 8 years? Where was she all these 8 years? Why did she not help cab drivers get a meter increase in all these 8 long years?

    She is being so foolish. Any passenger that I have transported, when I say that there hasn't been a fare increase in 8 years, is totally shocked!!!

    She definitely does not represent us.

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