Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo Stream. June 21st Taxi Driver Strike. By John Han.

On Tuesday, June 21, 2011, taxi drivers held a two hour strike.  Drivers are mainly protesting excessive 5% credit card fees, rear seat payment terminals, and electronic waybill tracking.  All photos by John Han.

Here is what the media has put out so far... 
SF Examiner                
COMING SOON - Thoughts and analysis of the strike / protest.  For now, here's some photos.


  1. Nice shots John. I especially like the one of the handsome dud in the last photo.


  2. Hi Ed, I think you mean DUDE not 'dud', right? Thanks for the kind word.

  3. No, if the person in the picture, is in fact Healy, then DUD is the appropriate

    Word, Because it sounds like thud, like Healys credibility, as it falls, from the

    Sky, like Icarus, who flew to close to the sun.

  4. I second the comments made by anonymous about
    Ed. It is strange to see such a person who
    is shamelessly working against permittees
    and cab drivers and Murai who got no sense
    what she is talking about Tariq. Murai
    show me one little thing which your friend
    Christiane has done for the cab industry
    drivers. 5 % going to driver fund was to
    get drivers approval for sale of medallions
    otherwise it would have been impossible to
    sell the idea. Murai you talked rubbish
    when airport was interested to finish taxi
    shorts and you supported the airport not
    drivers. If Tariq do not come forward and
    take a firm stand, we all would have been
    much worst than current problem of 5 % credit
    card fee. Murai in fact it is you who is
    attacking Tariq to please Hayashi. You are
    definately scared from his leadership power.
    Shake your head, get new thoughts and stand
    behind him who is turning the impossible
    to get a new position for the taxi industry
    with or without SFMTA.


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