Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Debra Johnson To Temporarily Replace Nathaniel Ford, Named Interim Chief Executive Officer.

Debra Johnson, MTA Director of Administration, Taxis and Accessible
Services, will be interim Executive Director and CEO of the agency to
replace Nathaniel Ford.  Photo by John Han.
Debra Johnson, the MTA's Director of Administration, Taxis and Accessible Services, has been named interim Executive Director and CEO of the agency.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the MTA Board will begin interviewing candidates for Ford's permanent replacement in July.  Johnson is said to be in the running for the job.

CLICK HERE to read the Chronicle's SF Gate report.
CLICK HERE to read the SF Examiner's report.


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  2. This is unsubstantiated but I wonder if Debra Johnson has been the one putting the screws to the cab drivers these last couple of years, I think Hayashi is just Ms Johnson or someone else s puppet, to interface with the drivers, and implement the harsh treatment drivers have been getting from medallion sales, to electronic waybills, credit card charges, and straight disrespect read the long line we had to wait in to renew our A cards.
    Who ever it is wether systemic or a person that has been slamming down on the cab drivers I hope that they see us as hardworking people trying to survive and take mercy on us and treat us as equal human beings.

  3. To Johnny Walker,

    Comments that may be offensive do not necessarily merit removal from this website.

    However, I removed a comment you posted based another reader's observation sent to me.

    Denoting a person's gender or physical appearance in a negative way does not necessarily address any method, good or bad, with which they legislate taxi policy.


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