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Christiane Hayashi Explaining The Medallion Sales Pilot Program. Transportation Regulators Conference 2010. (Videos)

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The three video out takes here are from a conference which I'm assuming was at the International Association of Transportation Regulators Conference held in Chicago in September of 2010.  Deputy Director of SMTA Taxi Services, Christiane Hayashi summarizes the history and facts of the San Francisco Medallion Sales Pilot Program.  The third video includes explanations of electronic waybills.  

This speech is re-published here as it may provide useful insight to anyone wishing to know more about the SFMTA's Medallion Sales Pilot Program - the program's purposes, its origins, how it evolved, and the controversy between Prop A and Prop K.  It is summarized here by the SFMTA itself.  The information published here is intended for educational use.  The content here should not necessarily be new to anyone who has faithfully attended town hall meetings and Taxi Advisory Council meetings since their inception.  

One comment that I'd like to add though, is that in Part 1 (meaning the 1st video) Hayashi explains how Prop A, a Muni reform measure passed in 2008, caused the dissolution of the SF Taxi Commission and brought the City's taxi industry under regulatory jurisdiction of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) (see 12:35 [minutes/seconds] on the video counter).  

On this matter, I'd like to insert views expressed by Brad Newsham in an essay he wrote titled, "Why The Taxi Turmoil?".  This is to offer a contrasting view, or perhaps an expanded view of the industry, with respects to some of the controversy stirred within the industry as a result of the passing of Prop A.  An excerpt...

"BUT IN 2007, a group of City Hall and taxicab industry insiders pulled off a fast one. The principals have never admitted their roles, but here’s how the deal went down:
2007 was an “off-year” election (no headliner contests on the ballot) and it was understood that voter turnout would be feather-light. Deep within the fine-print legalese of a mind-numbing, ten-page ballot proposal (“Transit Reform, Parking Regulation and Emissions Reductions”) the insiders hid a bomb -- three devastating sentences designed to abolish the San Francisco Taxicab Commission and place the cab industry under control of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). Most cunningly, the bill specified that all previous taxicab legislation would be nullified, and henceforth any decree from the SFMTA would automatically be law in the taxicab industry. The measure squeaked through with the “yes” votes of a mere 15% of the electorate, who had no idea they’d just sabotaged the City’s 7,000 cab drivers."  (Excerpt from, "Why the Taxi Turmoil?"  By Brad Newsham, 2010)

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(Part 2 is a continuation of the summary.)  
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(Part 3 addresses electronic waybills.)  

Beginning at 00:45 seconds on the video counter, Director Hayashi answers a question explaining that one of the motives for the electronic waybill tracking was to accurately document drivers' incomes.  This seemed to pertain to knowing how to set a fixed price for medallion sales, in addition to addressing industry needs overall.  

However, this video is from 2010, before 2011 protests and town hall meetings looked at electronic waybills more closely with respects to addressing privacy issues.  

To date, no privacy policy exists for the implementation and use of electronic waybill tracking, and no authorized statement of purpose, as the policy is still being finalized. 


  1. Hayashi needs to be disbarred

  2. Anonymous needs to own up to his words and sign his (real) name when he posts. Otherwise, he's wasting our time disrupting otherwise intelligent conversation.

    Christiane's biggest critics, attend the least meetings and understand only what they're told or imagine. She initiated the Town Hall process, both for her education and to provide a forum where drivers have more than 1 to 3 minutes to speak. In fact, there's no limit on how long a driver can speak, as Tariq is well aware. She used these meetings to come up with a somewhat acceptable Pilot Program. If she hadn't, I don't think Mr. Anonymous would've been happy with the alternative, which was the original proposal put forth by the SFMTA. It was roundly rejected by all sides. I'm sure Anonymous was there and knows all about this (NOT).

    Christiane Hayashi should be commended for starting the Town Hall forum for drivers to be heard, and for listening to and considering their concerns. Too bad those most disgruntled, don't attend them, and/or do not wish to engage in civil discussion.

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  4. Barry, Why you have mentioned about Tariq again.
    Who you are ? Not even one penny in comparison
    to Tariq. Where is Tariq here. He is neither
    writing anything nor talking to anyone on
    disruptive issues and busy in what he thinks
    better for the drivers. I talked with him
    few times and he is least interested in your
    comments or to write against you or others. The people who smoke, they do intelligent discussion too. The same industry which gave you
    medallion and then turned it into quarter a million dollar value to save your old time,
    that is what you got from Tariq. He is more
    visionary and no matter who will say that this
    was not a good idea, he turned the gate fee money as your future savings. Although you did
    not bought this medallion but one day you will
    be able to sell if you pass the age of 70.
    When your turn to get medallion came, you
    started crying that the laws says that you must
    be driving 4 out of 5 years whereas you was getting medallion around February of that year.
    Based on existing law, you could have been barred from getting it. You made a huge noise
    to get it days in-days out like a baby crying,
    give me my medallion. Good luck and get out of
    goofy comments.

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  6. Johnny Walker sez,

    If the SFMTA has the power to sell medallions, then they have the power to

    Take them away from medallion holders without compensation, because

    Medallion owners have ZERO property rights.

    Only purchasers have property rights because they were purchased.

    Korengold thinks it's ok to screw the people on the list and drivers getting hit

    With the 5% surcharge, but little does he realize, like so manny other medallion

    Owners that they are the ultimate target.

    Remember, customers do not need medallion owns, they need drivers, they

    Could care less about people like you Barry.

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  8. The comments that were removed were removed because they did not necessarily stimulate discussion over the issues.

  9. Johnny Walker sez the following,

    What korengold does not realize is, there has been a shift in the power


    It has shifted away from the owners with the passage of prop A, and towards

    The driver's, who, if they wanted to could unionize.

    Ultimately the SFMTA would seize control of the dispatch, purchase their own

    Fleet and leave the medallion owners as well as the cab companies out in the


    Now Barry Korengold, can you say boooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!

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  11. Where is Tariq in these pictures and story.
    I called him and asked him. He said, don't
    worry about me. John you are undermining
    him. Why ?

  12. What is Chris salary Barry ? $150, 180, 200,000

    You said that she should be commended for these
    town hall meetings. What meetings, where she want to play her plans only. For this kind of salary, I can let people talk hours and then
    do the action what I want. Great. These town
    hall meetings were costing the tax payers $ 500-600 a day for her salary (actually taxi drivers and permittees were paying it) plus additional
    expenses of lights, forum place, other staff.
    Good hobby to play like a video game.

  13. It is odd how many of the anonymous commenters make the same mistakes in Engiish syntax that Tariq makes such as "why have you mentioned about Tariq again?
    Not to criticize imperfect English but it's rather obvious "anonymous" is someone whose first language is similar to Tariq's first language.
    I can't understand why someone makes himself as obnoxious as possibe in public but won' use his or her name here.

  14. Johnny Walker sez,

    It sure is interesting, when asked a question about drivers, by a sliver haired

    Gentleman, Hayashi responds by discussing medallion purchaser's as "driver's".

    To me, a driver is an A card holder who has a schedule NOT a purchaser, so

    Either hayashi is either tone deaf or just plain incompetent. (I am referring to the

    Third video in this article in the Q&A portion)

  15. "John you are undermining
    him. Why ?"

    How am I undermining him?

  16. TO Richard Hybels,
    Lot of indians and foreigners are working in
    companies like your where harassment, firing
    for personal disliking, taking extra money
    for shifts and playing with the timing and
    hours of medallion holder's medallion is very
    common. So what difference it makes if it says
    Ram, Job, Agrouti or anonymous. Stay on the question and face it. About you, I would definately like to see your tax returns that
    how you made so much money from so little number
    of cabs. This can be a business lesson for big
    companies who says that they are not making

  17. Thanks, John, for airing my "views" on how the taxi industry was taken over by the SFMTA. If we had all been awake at the time, we'd have never allowed this to happen. Imagine the things that could have been done in the industry with the $10.3 million the SFMTA has taken during the past year -- health care for drivers? open taxi access? enforcement against illegal limos? a campaign against extortion by doormen? extortion by company owners' "enforced tipping" policies?... If our "professional regulators" at the SFMTA had had the resources, we/they could have made headway on all of these issues and more. Instead our regulators have focused on extracting money from us in order to fund SFMTA paychecks, benefits, and pensions. The TAC needs to grow some muscle on this subject, I think. Is the legacy that TAC members want to pass on to the next generation of drivers this: "We presided over, we even helped design, the extraction of millions of dollars from cab drivers, from the very industry we claim to represent and defend, and we delivered it to the TAC without a whimper..." Is that how the TAC members want to be remembered? I think it's a fair assessment of what's been going on at the TAC and the Town Hall meetings. And we're simply sunk, and simply gutless, if we allow it to continue.

  18. Johnny Walker sez,

    That's easy brad, let's just unionize the drivers, let the SFMTA have those

    "pieces of tin" and move on with life.

    I'm sure you would not mind a 8 hour shift with health and penision benefits,

    Would you brad?

  19. Hi,

    Thanks for presenting Hayashi's excellent summary although it appears to have gone over the head of your anonymous commentators.

    Choosing Brad Newsham to be the main commentator on her talk was a bit once-sided. I like Brad but he did not attend very many of the Pilot Program Town Hall meetings and has a very distorted view of what went on.

    If the MTA was only interested in "Cash Cows" there would have been no Pilot Program. It would have been either Heinicke's plan to grab all the medallions and lease them back to the drivers or Mike Spain's idea of selling all taxis at open auctions.

    Either of these plans would have made the SFMTA much more money than the Pilot Plan.


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  21. Yes, Mr. Walker, we can all see how "adult" you and your fellow misinformed anonymous posters are. We can see how interested you are in constructive dialogue. However, I will respond to Brad Newsham, as he is thoughtful and respectful when commenting.

    My problem with your take on all this Brad, and the support you're getting from the Tariq camp (sorry anonymous, for mentioning Tariq, but he's your stated leader), is that although yes, the SFMTA sees taxis as cash cows to help pay for their deficit, you not only weren't there when all this was going down, being discussed, and even demonstrated against, Tariq and his supporters were arguing the opposite, that the SFMTA SHOULD be selling medallions and using the money to fix it's budget problems! Tariq was being taken under the wing of Yellow Cab management in exchange for his support.

    The alias Johnny Walker seems to be against the selling of medallions and "screwing the people on the list", yet supports those who were for getting rid of the list and selling all medallions. "Walker" also has a strange fixation on myself, who's been one of the few, if not the most vocal one on the TAC arguing to maintain the list, with medallions continuing to go at a meaningful rate to those at the top as "earned". This, by putting a 1/3 cap on transferable medallions, and the SFMTA not selling any more outright. The latter was voted down by large company management and stockholders. I've also been against the 5% charge, or being charged at all if we're forced to take credit cards. We should at least be allowed the $10 minimum allowed other merchants under the law.

    It was me who suggested that in order to prevent gate & gas shifts from disappearing to non-cab driving family members and friends of newly purchased medallions or long term lease drivers, that one must first drive gate and gas for a company 2 or 3 years before driving an "affiliate" or long term lease cab. This got voted down, even by gate and gas driver John Han, who I believe didn't really think about it before voting.

    Also Brad, many of the things you mentioned that could have been done with this money, IS being done, BECAUSE of Chris Hayashi, such as a serious crackdown on illegal taxis and limos (it's now a $5,000 citation and the SFMTA has tow and hold powers). She's also made it illegal for doormen to take money from drivers, as well as tipping dispatchers. She has also been a big promoter of OTA, as have I and others who've been attacked unfairly on this forum. Many dissenters here are attacking those who are most on their side, and should become more involved rather than going by hearsay and hiding behind anonymity.

    Brad, you would also benefit by attending more meetings and sticking around longer than just until you get a chance to speak.

  22. This is to the poster hiding behind anonymity who explains to Hybels why he's afraid. I was a gate and gas driver at Yellow from 1987 to '08. I consistently got up and spoke at the Taxi Commission Hearings which were on TV and complained about Yellow. I took my lumps. I never said anything I wouldn't own up to, and if I say something about a person on a public forum, I'm also willing to say it to their face.

    Being Indian or a foreigner is no excuse. I'm a native and have driven a cab in the Bay Area since 1979, in SF since '87. I don't think anyone in the SF cab industry is discriminated against these days for being any kind of foreigner, and you should be more respectful of those who are locals and were doing this long before you even got here!

  23. Hi Ed,

    I’m pretty certain that what Brad is talking about is the historical events that took place BEFORE the pilot program, and before the ideas to have open auctions or take all medallions back and resell them were even possible. Brad is referring to the manner in which Prop A was passed. The manner with which regulatory authority switched from the Taxi Commission to the MTA.

    It was a deceptive slight of hand. Prop A was a ballot measure for Muni reform that included allocating an additional $26 million from the City’s general fund to improve MUNI service. I think I recall that it also included a ban on building new parking lots downtown. That was intended to get people out of their cars and into public transit.

    What most voters were likely unaware of was the three sentences or so tucked inside the language, that moved the taxi industry away from the Taxi Commission and under regulatory authority of the MTA. Nor was it likely that most voters who did read the language, actually understood the implications of what that language meant. People did not realize it meant giving the MTA the power to repeal Prop K.

    Prop A was mostly about allocating new funds to MUNI, and about parking lots. That is what the voters approved when they passed that measure. In my opinion, it is wrong to say that voters also knew that they were voting to approve moving taxis under the MTA and thus empowering it to repeal Prop K and begin selling medallions.

    Prop K could only be undone by ballot measure. And that is how it was undone by ballot measure... through slight of hand. It would seem a simple political trick to insert subtle language inside of a larger measure that dealt with other issues, in order to get the subtle language passed without any hassles.

    Long story short, once Prop A passed, MTA could now repeal Prop K, and then open the sale of medallions, and start generating City revenues with medallions. __The MTA first tried to go full on with open auctions, or simply take all medallions back from their holders, reclaiming it as City property. That triggered a major backlash resulting in the 2009 protests in which taxis circled City Hall and honking, which you noted on your blog.

    The MTA apparently conceded that its original, grand ideas for medallion revenue were too politically controversial and unfeasible, due to industry backlash (was there threat of a lawsuit?). This eventually lead to the first town hall meetings, the Medallion Sales Pilot Program, and the TAC. This is where we are today.

    I think Brad’s comments are correct, and they accurately assess the role of the town hall meetings and the TAC with respects to City revenue from medallion sales. Hayashi has been able to soften the blow of the MTA’s quest for revenue so far. But even if she would want to resist the will of the agency, she must answer to superiors. No person has changed the nature of the relationship itself between the taxi industry and the MTA. We are viewed as a revenue stream for the agency.

  24. Of course everything is subjective depending upon viewpoint, but Chris apparently had her marching orders to carry out the medallion sales program and having reviewed two of the videos and quick-scanned the third, some things stand out for me.

    Perhaps the major one is no or little discussion of drivers benefits including healthcare touched on in Brad's comments. In fairness I recognize that Hayashi here was not negotiating with a taxi union for workers' rights. She was silent on that, but then that wasn't her Chicago topic. Nor did she say much about cab driver security. But she did say some things.

    For example in referring to drivers and their controversies she said her style was to "kill them with kindness" 4.56 in the first video (?) and that eminent domain 8.38 was important to assure the creditors. [It's worth mentioning that some of us veterans for years have advocated the city using eminent domain to seize the entire industry and make us city employees with real benefits].

    She also referred to drivers having some "skin in the game." Geez perhaps drivers should have some benefits by virtue of working a number of years by the seat of their pants whether they signed up for a medallion or not. Is that enough skin for you?

    All of this raises questions -- and I don't think any of us doubt that personally Chris is very nice, bright and likable -- but she has to follow orders. Some people say she tried to limit medallion sales program to do as little harm as possible but from my point of view could the whole SFMTA have done a better job of promoting our social and economic welfare taken as a whole or are we as Mark Gruberg observes just a cash cow ... .

    Finally I and others have tried to raise these issues repeatedly but for me I guess I am not sure whether any real progress has been made at all and frankly I am deeply saddened.

    . . . dave schneider

  25. John, I'd like to correct your account of the 2009 protests. They were not about the SFMTA confiscating all medallions and selling them. The Medallion Holders Association was not involved in those protests. The protests were about not selling medallions at all, or putting $30 million into the SFMTA budget that would come from the taxi industry. The UTW and the SFCDA put on these protests and Tariq was actively against them, telling the SFMTA Board they should be selling medallions to help fix the budget problems.

    I also beg to differ with you on your claim that "No person has changed the nature of the relationship itself between the taxi industry and the MTA". Although Chris Hayashi is still tasked with extracting this money, we are at least getting something back for it, and they haven’t taken what they originally intended. You yourself have seen how through the Town Hall process, a suggestion of single operator medallions became a viable solution. Would you rather be cut open with a chainsaw or a surgical knife? You’re taking too much for granted and giving Hayashi short shrift.

    It’s easy to complain and protest, and there IS a time to do both, but it’s a lot harder to find solutions.

  26. Johnny walker sez,

    Why yes korengold, I think we can find solutions, in a court federal in nature

    And no I am not supporter of Tariq although I support some of the things he


    Now as far as driving experience that you have, so what, whatever, now if you

    Have legal experience that is, how to do case research, understand codes and

    And regulations, and write briefs, then I would be all ears, but alas, you are

    Nothing but a medallion owner, with a hidden agenda, you refuse to disclose.

  27. Hey Healy, Korengold and not so much Minikle,

    My harsh criticism's of you guys does no stem from presonal dislike, but rather

    The hubris and lack of candor that been put forth so far.

    The verbal beat downs you have received thus far, is because of your slavish

    Support of hayashi and I believe that bragging that you have been to lot of

    Taxi meetings, engaged with hayashi and participated in decisions which affects

    The "huddled masses" or rather, A card holders is not so endearing either

    It's like saying you were in a meeting of wolves that were deciding what was

    Going to be for dinner with the absent sheep.

  28. Part I (system do not accept all at-once).

    Barry -- Barry Korngold, Yellow is different
    than other small companies. These little
    itchy, bitchy companies can show you finger and
    send you home without a notice. Yellow gives
    you two week notice. One of your friend who
    is medallion holder and member of your SFCDA
    (I am not sure if he is member any longer or not) told my friend (in 2009) who is working for him as a second driver that if you want to speak against us (medallion holder/SFCDA) don't come to work tomorrow. My friend is like a bird in the cage who really want to speak but do not
    want to loose his job. First ever time he joined
    the protest which was organized by Tariq but he still feels shaky about job. You are a white and make money for the day only. I have no idea
    if you got family of 3-4 childrens or not but
    we need to take care of family and cannot risk
    our job. This is all in plain simple English
    and I hope you can understand it.

    As you said that you was in TAC meetings and you
    said this and that. If they did not listened
    to you and voted you down then what you did after that. You are representative of medallion holders or Hayashi or ??? You are definately not running a produce shop over there. Did you returned back to your members and asked their help. (By the way how many members you have now). Could you print their names and medallion numbers list if it is not a CIA secret ! Back to the question; what did you do in case of your being rejected by TAC. For me the bathroom is a place to think fantasy but when I come out, I am in real world to face it. Did you ask Hayashi to support you and help you to do what you want to do. How about asking your members. Show a proof that you moblized your members and put up any fight. This shows that either you have no member left or may be 1-2-3 only. Tariq never said that he did not asked for sale of medallion. He did ask to sell these to the drivers so they can have their family future. He stood for what he believed and he succeeded. You said "No sale of medallions" and then compromised and said ****OK-----my group will go along with Hayashi for sale of medallions.
    I tell you why ? Because otherwise you would have been left no one with you as everyone wanted to have the right to sell their medallion and you got no choice but to say YES/YES. How about if the City ask every medallion holder that would they
    like to sell their medallion at the age of 62
    for 250,000 or return it back to the city for no money and retire for nothing. Tell me what will you do ? Just to get a seat in TAC and later to hold it, you keep saying H==a'ya'shi.

  29. Part II

    In the last 3-4 years many cities decided to have credit cards for the cabs. What happened then ?
    Uncle sam(big brother) already got the hand in
    the money jar and next year all of us getting
    1099. Same is going to happen in 2-3 years due
    to electronic waybills to cover all transactions. These are new technologies to take
    you to the MARS in daylight. It will fulfill someone dream who wants to see all of us as Union and employees. Our freedom will be available in Congo only. You say that people
    are scared to pay taxes. Oh, so you are the
    most honest man and I believe in it. Honest people do not get scared. Let us start from home. Politician are never scared from showing
    their income statements. I guess Obama showed it. Could you do that please. This will help to
    tell all the drivers that if Barry can do it why not others.
    Drivers are sold (failed to communicate with
    the drivers on their problems and not inform
    them in timely manner means they are sold-
    in political terminalogy) by some TAC members
    which include John Han, Ajaegbu, Dmitry and so
    and so on. Whereas Athan who said on his portfolio that he worked in Green cab where
    no one had to pay $ 5 to drive a cab but then
    jumped other side of the mountain(in Desoto cab) to do same what others are doing. What
    this five dollars should be called. Corruption
    or salvary fee to drive the cab ? Where this
    money is going. Are they reporting it as
    income ? This is called math for the dummies.
    Unfortunately, there is no deal here such as
    at Safeway store 'buy one-get one free'. Here
    if your cab is found broken after paying $5,
    you still loose your money. No way to get it
    back. If you want it back, you may ask dispatcher and then dont' come to work
    tomorrow. Barry as a human; I respect you but
    as regards to real work' Ba'n - Ba'n never
    acheive any thing. However the only good decision you was forced to make by your members
    of SFCDA to announce that you accept the sale
    of medallions with huge pain and sufferings
    which will come with the check of $250,000
    when it is sold. Happy Pride Day. Enjoy

  30. To Anonymous who just posted a book - You have many questions and assumptions about me and my views. Way too many to address here. I will be at the TAC meeting this Monday. If you're true to your words that "honest people don't get scared", come talk to me after the meeting. I won't turn you in.

    I'm happy to discuss my feelings or positions on issues, however, I will not be talked AT, or converse with someone hiding his face or name. Please come and discuss these issues in person, face to face, instead of speculating and projecting your angers and fantasies anonymously. Talk about lack of candor!

  31. Well........ Barry.......Korengold,

    As usual, it looks like I won the arguement usual.

    You do not wish to discuss your agenda, hidden or otherwise or your relationship

    Hayashi or why you get off on trying to censor people whos opinions you do not

    Agree with.

    But let me end with this Barry with the good intentions or imput that have

    Controversies like people on the list not getting their medallions, drivers getting

    Hammered with the 5% and onerous regulations coming down the pike, why

    Would anyone in their right mind, unless the have a hidden agenda, Barry

    Want to associate themselves with the TAC, or let alone go to the meetings and

    Deal with people like you, Barry?

    No, the solution is to unionize and become employees of the city so at least

    We will be treated like human beings, instead of serfs.

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. Barry you keep saying why I am anonymous and you
    will not turn me in. Go line by line about
    questions asked and answer. Your intelligent
    place of talk is here not where no one else
    can listen except you and me. It appears
    that TAC is all over you. I am not going to
    say that you are wrong before and now again.
    There are no assumptions, accusations.
    Plain simple questions. Answer them one by
    one. One every day, not all in one day. Is that
    good enough. They are reality not assumption.
    People do get failed. What'O big deal. Dont'
    forget show your tax returns.

  34. To the cowardly anonymous posters, and the one who thinks he's "won the argument again". You haven't won diddlysquat and your rantings aren't merely "opinions", they are unfounded, false accusations and personal attacks.

    You're the reason cabdrivers can't get it together, and that people have such a low opinion of us in general. You're full of hateful angry vitriol and truthfully seek no solution. You enjoy the battle and pecking like chickens at any perceived sign of blood.

    You think you're gonna have a union? How will the drivers divide up between Tariq's followers and Brad Newsham's? Does the Tariq contingent want to be unionized? Does even a majority of Brad Newsham's supporters what to be employees? Or maybe you just plan on holding "strikes" all the time til everyone's happy. Just like critical mass. Don't participate in anything, or follow what's going on, knock the people who do, and that'll really solve all your problems.

    And BTW, here's my hidden agenda:

    I also presented a plan for a Driver Investment fund at a couple Town Halls, which went over well. I'd like to see something like that implemented for the drivers fund. I'll give a copy to anyone with the balls to come introduce themselves Monday after the TAC or during the break.

  35. Also, to the brave anonymous poster who wants to see everyone's tax returns, let's start with his. And what was your objection to the electronic waybills again?

  36. Johnny Walker sez,

    Barry, don't you realize that because of your participation in the TAC hearings

    You have zero credibility?

    You and many others were played out, by Christine hayashi and made to look

    Like a bunch of fools, just watch the 3 videos attached to this discussion and

    You will see Hayashi's very clever 2 speed personality, the one she cast herself

    At the TAC meetings and the one in front of her peers.

  37. Once they play out the drivers, the they will go after th cab companies and

    Legislate them out of business by exstracting higher fees until the point the

    Either cease operations or go out of business, after that SFMTA cronies will

    Purchase these assets for pennies on the dollar, a kind of different of pre prop k

    When yellow declared bankruptcy.

  38. Dear Johnny Walker. There is no duplicity in Hayashi at all. She talks the same at Town Hall Meetings as she did in that wonderful summary.

    Barry Korengold has Zero credibility? He's the only person on the TAC who has an actual plan to help drivers - so that's too bad if it's true.

    To John and Brad ... I have never argued your interpretation of Prop A. It was a sneaky deal.

    It's the interpretation of the Pilot Plan that I object to. How many times do you have to be told that MTA wanted to take all the taxi and sell or lease them out? Yes ... yes they just wanted a cash cow.

    And, how many times did do I have to point that this did not happen? The Pilot Plan happened instead.

    Now the $50 million that MTA DID NOT take over the last few years, may be a minor manner to you guys but it's huge to everyone else. The Pilot Plan, instead, gave the MTA the measely $10 million that you keep bitching about.

    Yes it could be used for a taxi driver and it should be. And, in fact, Sonali Bose has (or soon will) be releasing $3 million back to Taxi Services.

    You guys being you guys will ignore this and talk about the $7 million you don't have. For you, the glass is always mostly empty.

    Why hasn't it all been released I don't know? Should it be released? Yes - Most of it probably.

    But ... I would like point one thing out, Brad, that have totally missed with you wide-ranging abstraction and charged rhetoric:

    The $10 million comes from the sale of taxicabs. The money would not exist if the MTA hadn't taken us over.


  39. Dear anonymous.

    You can't unionized - you're not an employee.

  40. Barry, look at your language. You said:

    Cowardly anonymous posters.
    diddlysquat and your rantings.
    hateful angry vitriol.
    pecking like chickens at any perceived sign of blood.
    And BTW.
    anyone with the balls.
    That is the language you have used now and it is behind this language you continue to fail to answer our questions which are as follows:
    Your friend said to a driver that if he wishes to speak against a medallion holder or the SFCDA,that he shouldn't come to work the following day. Sounds like a threat. Are your friends trying to silence the opinions of the drivers you claim to support because they dissent your views? Next question: When you were voted down did you return to your members and ask for support? Next, you keep praising Hayashi, did you ask for her help and did she help you promote your agenda. Every dictator needs a few goons and you seem to fit her profile. She
    does what she wants and you follow, yet she could not support you in your own proposal and that speaks volumes to your relationship with her. Another point, you didn't support the sale of medallions, then you did and now you don't, can you not make up your mind? Do you you want to give your medallion back to the city at the age of 62? Further, I told you that just like credit cards and the coming 1099, the feds will look into electronic waybills to assess income while you keep pushing for electronic waybills. Why don't you print a flyer with the truth you keep raving about and tell drivers that you want electronic waybills so they can treat you nicely and start believing that you are as intelligent as you believe you are? (which your words, although well written, indicate your arrogance over intelligence).
    I asked if you are willing to show your tax return to prove your honesty, and again you deffered to answer by attacking me and asking for mine. Who is the coward? The man who voices his opinions or the man who dissents anything that doesn't follow his own beliefs? "A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle."-Benjamin Franklin, and you Mr. Korengold seem no larger than a lump of coal under a christmas tree. Living above your own benefit is a quality that lies in the heart of leaders whereas living in the black of your own selfish bottom line is the calling card of an arrogant politician. The choice is yours Mr. Korengold, I hope you choose wisely.

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  43. After analyzing all these comments, the winners
    are Brad Newsome, Johnny Walker

  44. Anonymous, you haven't told me who this SFCDA member is, who allegedly threatened your buddy. In fact you haven't told me who YOU are because you're afraid to own up to your words. Am I responsible for what every member of the SFCDA does? Even if I don't know about it?

    As for when my suggestion got voted down, what do you think I should have done, held a protest? A strike? We're given an opportunity to discuss and decide things in a civil, somewhat democratic manner. If I don't get my way, now you're suggesting I should go rally the troops and disrupt things?

    Oh, and about the language, maybe you should consider another occupation if you're that sensitive. Better yet, quit launching anonymous BS accusations.

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