Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taxi Drivers' Protest Draws Huge Turn Out At City Hall. (Photos) By John Han.

A news photographer stands beside a stream of taxicabs that are circling City Hall to
protest the City's new policy charging cab drivers 5% credit card fees and electronic waybills. 
(Tuesday, May 3, 2011.  Photos by John Han.) 
Below are some news links and then some photos of Tuesday's noisy protest at City Hall, mainly against the City's new 5% credit card fees and electronic waybills against drivers.  Cab drivers circled their taxis around City Hall honking their horns in protest of the fees.  Hundreds filled the MTA Board chamber and then two overflow rooms, for the Board of Directors' regular 1pm meeting.   The often divided taxi workforce this time came together and unanimously expressed common displeasure, even threatening to strike if the MTA doesn't reconsider it's new policies on fees.  I was interviewed by Barbara Taylor of KCBS for a sound byte outside.  Brad Newsham got on the 6:00 news at KTVU.   John Lazar is on the ABC story with reporter Carolyn Tylor.  

Driver and medallion holder Mychael Monroe and others got on a couple of TV clips.  Here's links to the news reports, and hope you enjoy my photos.  

Note:  Drivers are encouraged to attend upcoming town hall meetings to discuss credit card fees, electronic waybills, and rear seat Tv terminals, and a May 17th MTA Board meeting to discuss a meter increase.   CLICK HERE TO View Photos

McAllister St.  

South Light Court inside City Hall.  

Overflow room. 
Tone Lee, public comment. 


  1. Thanks to everyone. All of you did a wounderfull
    job to create awareness that we are not slave
    of america. We are most hard working, honest
    people and we deserve respect for our rights.

    Keep it up and the win will come to all of you.

    Tariq Mehmood

  2. One of the finest reporting. There is no comparison vs. jerk Ed Healy


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