Saturday, May 7, 2011

Discussions For Electronic Waybills Expected After MTA's May 17th Board Meeting. By John Han.

The following message was sent to me by Green Cab's Mark Gruberg regarding the SFMTA's removal of electronic waybills from discussion for the upcoming May 10th, May 11th, and May 16th town hall meetings.  In an email dated May 7th, 2011, Gruberg wrote to me...

I e-mailed Christiane Hayashi to ask why electronic waybills had been removed from the agenda of the upcoming Town Hall meetings.  She replied that a meter increase and credit card fees would be taken up at the MTA's May 17 Board meeting, but a discussion of electronic waybills had been postponed to a later time.  

Therefore, according to Deputy Director of SFMTA Taxi Services Division Christiane Hayashi, public discussions in the upcoming town hall meetings are in preparation for the MTA Board's May 17th meeting on meter increase and credit card fees.   Discussions for electronic waybills are expected to resume after the Board's May 17th meeting, but no date has been announced yet.  


  1. What if we don't want to postpone electronic waybills? The junk is still in the cars. Can we take it out?

    They figure if they can postpone it, it will be forgotten.

    Whenever a meter increase is mentioned, Hayashi says it takes a year to get considered; six months to solicit bids for the "survey," three to conduct it, three to review it. Then it gets consideration.

    Ask her spokesperson if that's still the case.

  2. Then the cab companies just raise the gates anyway so the drivers dont even get the raise so whats new,

  3. Did you heard arguement from Tariq Mehmood. I love that when he said "3 credit card machines in one cab. Never happened on the face of earth in one cab". Chris should resign. There could not be anyone more foolish than her.


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