Monday, March 28, 2011

The San Francisco Cab Drivers' Association - "Amended Interim Report" - Taxi Advisory Council Meeting, March 28, 2011. By John Han.

Barry Korengold, president of the San Francisco Cab Drivers' Association (SFCDA), presented at Monday's Taxi Advisory Council meeting, proposals to amend the "Interim Report on the Taxi Medallion Sales Pilot Program".  That report was the topic of discussion for the agenda item held March 28, 2011. 

Korengold, at the meeting, criticized the TAC draft report, saying it is biased, and does not accurately represent past TAC discussion regarding impacts that the selling of SF taxi medallions has had so far on the taxi industry.  Korengold also criticized the report for drawing false conclusions, and for making recommendations on items that had not yet been adequately discussed.  For example, the TAC's draft report recommends to the MTA Board that is should "expand" the pilot program, even though the TAC had never actually voted on such a motion.  

The draft report does not indicate whom of the 15 member council had drafted it.  But an inquiry during Monday's meeting revealed that it was Dan Hinds , President of National Cab, Carl Macmurdo, President of the Medallion Holders' Association, and Athen Rebelos, new general manager at De Soto.  

The San Francisco Cab Drivers' Association "Amended Interim Report" can be VIEWED HERE.

Also, Richard Hybels of Metro Cab was welcomed as new member of the Taxi Advisory Council.  Hybels is a company representative replacing Athen Rebelos, formerly of Green Cab.  

Rebelos, now General Manager for De Soto, fills Jane Bolig's former seat on the council.  Bolig is De Soto's former president.  


  1. They shd listen to Hybels, who is probably the most level-headed guy in the business. I worked for him and I saw it over and over.

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