Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Taxi Driver Robbed At Gunpoint! By John Han.

Photo by John Han.
Another San Francisco taxi driver has been robbed at gunpoint.  This one occurred at 4am at Geary and Scott. Read the Article in the SF Appeal online newspaper.


  1. And let me guess, in order to respect his rights, there's no photo of him?

    Christopher Fulkerson, Ph.D

  2. "Third Eye" is the name of the camera manufacturer that we are currently using. It's made in Korea. The picture quality is first rate. It's the same camera that's used on MUNI buses. But you are correct. If they aren't helping in either the deterrence of taxi driver robberies, or helping to apprehend or prosecute the robbers, we need to seriously reevaluate this whole cab driver safety issue. Cab company owners need some kind of automatic email tie-in with the SFPD robbery department so that we get notified immediately whenever a cab driver gets robbed or assulted.

    Safety partitions between the front and rear seat are no help when the robber walks up to the cab driver from outside the cab. If a robbery happened at Geary & Scott, that says it could pretty much happen anywhere. It doesn't have to be a "bad" neighborhood for a driver to be at risk. Having a "panic" button in the cab that tells the dispatcher to call the police won't solve the problem either. In the 5 minutes it takes the police to arrive, the robber will already be long gone. Likewise, tasers or pepper spray always lose to a handgun. If anyone has suggestions on how to solve this problem (short of a back seat ray-gun), now's the time to speak up.

  3. I hear that is illegal to care pepper spray in the cab. Is it true?

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