Monday, February 21, 2011


Powell St.  Photo by John Han.
Wes Hollis is proprietor of Executive Cab

Use this self-evaluation form to see how you stack up in cab company management's eyes.  If you score 21 or higher, you are a "keeper" in their eyes.  If you score 25 (100%), you're probably a saint, not a cab driver.

  1. Communicates well in English, with comprehension.

  1. Is in reasonably good health.
    1. Is a non-smoker.
    2. Doesn't have any self-destructive habits or addictions (e.g., gambling, alcohol, drugs).

  1. Always dresses neatly when driving the cab.

  1. Always pays his gate fees on time.

  1. Keeps the cab clean, inside and out.
    1. Isn't always spilling coffee or other drinks all over the interior.
    2. Always cleans up greasy or sticky food spots on the passenger seat.
    3. Doesn't get pen ink all over the upholstry.

  1. Isn't wasteful with supplies (e.g., waybills, receipt pads, credit card sales slips, etc.).

  1. By and large, works the hours that he's supposed to.

  1. Doesn't ask for more than two weeks off per year (vacation / sick time).

  1. Always renews his driver's license and A-card on time.

  1. Fills out waybills correctly and completely.

  1. Always fills up the gas tank at the end of his shift.

  1. Doesn't abuse the cab (drive it into the ground).

  1. Isn't always putting scrapes and dents on the cab.

  1. Doesn't use the cab for illegal activities.

  1. By and large, abides by the Taxicab Regulations.

  1. Doesn't blow off radio orders.

  1. Isn't an airport dead-header.

  1. Makes an effort to learn the city's streets.

  1. Reports problems with the cab immediately, rather than waiting until the end of his shift.

  1. Isn't always getting into arguments with dispatchers, doormen, other drivers, etc.

  1. Doesn't get customer complaints.

  1. Doesn't have accidents.

  1. Doesn't get parking tickets.

  1. Doesn't get moving violations.

  1. Admits it when he's screwed up, rather than lying about it.    


  1. There are still things missing. Not refusing fares, work without paying doormen for airport rides, not driving reckless and trying snatch fares from other drivers, return the cab cleaned and can keep going on the list all day long.

  2. Missing things like does not call fellow drivers fagots nor discriminatory remarks of ethnicity. Has a high stress retention and does not strike nor spit on other drivers. Seeing that we don't have an outlet other than a federal agency to report this to. I would hope some day the SFMTA would help us with these issues.

  3. Not canceling workers comp. insurance once MTA has seen the certificate and not using home made medallions would seem to be appropriate as well.
    Both of which Hollis is guilty of


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