Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Driver Shakes A Fist At MTA's Style of A-Card Renewal.

By Tariq Mehmood, Taxi Driver.  Published On Taxi TownSF With Permission From Tariq Mehmood.
The drivers used to spent 2-3 minutes to 5 minutes at City Hall for renewal of A-Card.
It was always so quick that they will park their taxis at 400 Mcallister on taxi stand and walk in-and-out of city hall within 5 minutes with their A-Card renewed.
Now they have to stand at SFMTA for 2 to 3 hours like slaves.   Drivers are losing $ 90-100 of their time waiting to get their A-Card renewed due to the new system arranged by SFMTA and its Deputy Director of Taxis Christiane Hayashi. I urge everyone to send emails to SFMTA Director Mr. Ford, Debra Johnson, SFMTA Board members and even to the Board of Supervisors.

The drivers are screaming and there is no one to help them in this horrible, disaster situation.  Where are fake taxi advisory council representatives of the
drivers who do not know what is going on.  This council was arranged by Christiane of the people who do not have 2-3 drivers behind them.

It is unthinkable what is going on with the drivers.  We need immediate help from someone for the drivers to solve this problem.

Tariq Mehmood
Working for the Drivers

415 756 9476
From the Publisher:  For further commentary and possibly clarity, read Ed Healy's blog "A-Card Renewal".


  1. Tariq inflates the numbers to make his case, but the new method of issuing A cards really is a lot slower. They're open only four and a half hours three days a week.

  2. My goodness.

    If this is your idea of a "horrible disaster" what's your phrase for 21 people getting blown up in a church?

    You're making a big deal out of very little and the problem is already being dealt with. They'll be open one more day staring this week and the A-cards will be issued on birthdays next year so there should be no lines at all.

    You're talent for making mountains out of mole hills is the main reason you're not on the TAC council, Tariq, and trying to make a major issue out waiting a while in line isn't going to turn you into a great leader.

    Ed Healy

  3. When it comes to great leadership I don't think the civic leadership of San Francisco qualifies either.

  4. The so-called civic leaders at City Hall and those roaming the government halls everywhere in this fare city have their pensions and petty office politics to be concerned about.

    It's pennywise to do as little as possible when it comes to assisting those who are at the bottom of the ladder's rungs.

    Expect this poor treatment!

    The politicos and their well paid hourly wage drones, could care less about anything besides their political and personal agendas. You see, they have their pension funds and holidays to think about and that takes lots of effort.

    Standing outside of the SFMTA offices in the bone-chilling cold on the sidewalk as the multitude of pedestrians streams past is their solution to further humilating the hardworking cab driver.

    Repeat this mantra:
    "Life is not fair, it don't matter and what do they care".

    Another day on the road for me tomorrow, at least the heater in the taxi I drive works.

    Fare or Not


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