Monday, November 22, 2010

Luxor Cabs, Inc.'s Suggested Cab Stand Locations.

Here's a list of cab stand ideas that Luxor Cab President John Lazar handed to me.
Trader Joe's :  East of 9th St, mid-block Bryant and Brannan.
West Portal Station: Northwest corner of West Portal at Ulloa.
San Francisco Zoo:  South side of Sloat at 45th Avenue just east of the Zoo entrance.
UCSF Medical Center:  North side of Parnassus in front of 400 Parnassus.
UCSF Medical Center:  South side of Parnassus opposite 400 Parnassus.
City College:  South side of Judson Avenue, west of the intersection at Gennessee Street.
Geary and Park Presidio:  South side of Geary west of Park Presidio.
Geary and Arguello:  South side of Geary west of Arguello.
Beach and Hyde:  (hey Luxor, this corner already has a cab stand!)
Bay and Powell
Union and Grant
Broadway and Columbus
California and Montgomery: (there's a cab stand here too in front of the Bank Of America Building)
Ferry Building
Union and Columbus

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