Friday, November 19, 2010

From The SFMTA, Time to Renew A-Cards

 Beginning Tuesday, November 30, 2010, the SFMTA Taxi Services will begin accepting A-Card renewals.  To avoid penalty fees and to avoid having your A-Card closed out for Non-Payment, we encourage all taxi drivers to renew their A-Cards in a timely manner. 

WHERE to Pay?
Payments can be made at the SFMTA Taxi Services 1 South Van Ness Ave, 2nd Floor – Drivers will be given instruction upon arrival.

WHEN to Pay?
Drivers must renew their a-cards by January 31 to avoid penalty fees. 

·       Payments made beginning February 1 - 28:  10% penalty fee
·       Payments made beginning March 1 - 30:  15% penalty fee
·       Payments made beginning April 1 – April 30:  Drivers must complete an application for a Public Passenger Vehicle Driver Permit (A-Card), pay applicable filing fee, license fee and 25% penalty fee
·       Failure to submit payment by May 1, 2011 the permit shall expire by operation of law.  Drivers must obtain a new permit pursuant to MPC Section 1089 and pay all applicable fees.

Hours for A-Card Renewal:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (except December 2 and unless otherwise stated)
9:00-11:30am and 2:00-4:00pm

Taxi drivers should contact SFMTA Taxi Services (415) 701-4400 to find out the total amount due.

Thank you.


  1. John, are you sure the payments are to be made on the 2nd floor for the A-card? I thought the payments were to be made on the 7th floor at the taxi window, which now accepts credit/debit cards. Just checking. . . .Michael Harris

  2. Let me know if there's a correction that needs to be made.

  3. Hey John I just checked and was told: "The permitees will gather on the 2nd floor to be checked off and then sent to the 7th floor where all the action including payment will take place." Is that different from what you understood, notwithstanding what is written in red.

  4. can I renew by mail by sending a money order

  5. hey SFMTA !! dont you guys know that the cab driver so busy n its hard to finde a parking sopt near you??? why should we come in place an do such as process witch could be done on line or by mail ...!! can we please think about it . thanks

  6. Ya SFMTA is bunch of none sense people. It should be able to online.

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