Thursday, November 18, 2010

Correction to Nissan Leaf Story

53rd International Auto Show/Nissan Leaf
In the essay below entitled, "The All Electric Nissan Leaf To Debut In Moscone Center", it states,

"The City's original idea was to make the Nissan Leafs "single operator" and drivers therefore should charge the taxis at home, cover all operating costs, plus a lease fee, and cover the more than $2000.00 installation costs for a home charging station.  This would most likely be unfeasible.

The City then offered to keep the Leafs as "single operator" but eliminate any lease fee and the $2000.00 installation cost.  But under this specific version of the "single operator", even without a lease fee or installation costs, the operating costs have roughly been estimated to be nearly $3000.00/month.  This also may be cumbersome. "

Correction - It must be made clear that these claims reflect preliminary ideas that were tossed around in unofficial and informal brainstorming sessions.  They are not official statements nor do they reflect any official offers made to drivers by the SFMTA.  The City has yet to release any official statement or plan detailing the Nissan Leaf program and has made no offers as of yet.  Plans are expected to be released in the future. 

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